Please see below our programme for classes during 2018/19.

Please remember that each dance will be taught for several weeks  i.e. Jive week commencing 6th August 2018 until 3rd September 2018 after which dancers may progress to the Beginners class whereby they can take their Jive further as well as attending the Introductory Class and learn the Tango, at no extra charge.

The following dates apply to Kesgrave High School (Monday evenings) and Boreham Village Hall (Tuesday evenings).  W/C = week commencing.

Introductory Class:  (7.00 - 7.45pm).

Currently teaching - Tango
22nd December - Christmas Dance Party
W/C:  7th January 2019 - Rumba
W/C: 18th & 25th February - No Classes.
W/C:  4th March 2019 - Quickstep
W/C 15th April & 22nd April - No Classes.
W/C: 29th April 2019 - Cha Cha Cha
W/C:  10th June 2019 - Waltz.
W/C: 22nd July 2019 - Social Foxtrot.
W/C: 2nd September 2019 - Cuban dances (Merengue, Mambo & Argentine Tango).
W/C: 14th October 2019 - Jive

Beginner Class: (7.45 - 8.30 p.m.)

Currently teaching: Jive
22nd September - Autumn Dance
W/C:  7th January 2019 - Tango
W/C: 18th & 25th February - No Classes
W/C:  4th March 2019 - Rumba
W/C 15th April & 22nd April - No Classes
W/C:  29th April 2019 - Quickstep
W/C:  10th June 2019 - Cha Cha Cha
W/C:   22nd July 2019 - Waltz.
W/C:  2nd September 2019 - Ballroom Foxtrot.
W/C:  14th October 2019 - Paso Doble & Viennese Waltz.

Classes are also available at Hasketon Village Hall, nr Woodbridge, Suffolk. on a Wednesday evening as follows:
Introductory and Beginners level: (8.30 - 9.15)  (9.15 to 10.00 - Revision & social/practice time).

Currently teaching - Cha Cha Cha
22nd December - Christmas Dance Party
13th February 2019 - Social Dance/Ballroom Foxtrot
29th February 2019 - No Classes
17th & 24th April 2019 - No Classes.
29th May 2019 - Rumba
7th August 2019 - Quickstep
16th October 2019 - Jive
TBA - Tango
TBA - Waltz

Please note classes may change due to unforeseen circumstances please keep checking this page for any changes.  We are able to offer private lessons for any dance/event i.e. wedding dance, catching up with missed classes or if you wish to learn a particular dance,  please contact us for further information.