Friday, 20 May 2016

The Style of Dance

What is the style of dance?

In my opinion the most important aspect of any dance is the communication between partners, without the interaction between dance partners, no matter how good one person may be, there is no dance.  This especially applies to dances like Foxtrot or Rumba.  The romance in Rumba and the nostalgic atmosphere in the Foxtrot are what make these dances so perfect.  Technique, interpretation, timing etc are all very important as well but without that connection between couples the whole character of the dance does not shine through.   Remember to dance for each other not for ones self.
Advertising is now being sorted.   Keep a look out for our leaflets coming through your door, and email reminder for all of you who have so kindly given us your e-mail address.  Local papers and village magazines will also be carrying our advert.   A huge advertising campaign has been arranged for Chelmsford, Woodbridge and Kesgrave areas.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Facebook Page

Our facebook page is now up and running, still under construction at the moment.   To take a look and maybe join click on the facebook tab at the top of the page.
To keep up to date with all latest techniques, dance steps/moves etc we are planning to attend the ISTD teachers conference at Worthing, Sussex in July.  Being taught by some of the top dancers in the UK enables us to pass on up to date methods and dances to our pupils.  Like fashion dance also changes over time, so a regular attendance at events like the congress is extremely important.  New music will also be purchased here - so if you are one of our 'pass' pupils you can look forward to new beats and sounds!

Rocking the night away!

'Rock and Roll' is here to stay - or so they say!   We are therefore planning to add this dance into our classes.  So if this is something you always wanted to learn then please come along and join the fun.